USUVClean Provides Two UVC Solutions


Germicidal UVC 254nm for onsite emergency surface and air treatments with our mobile response team safely operating the powerful lamps at your location. 

Far-UVC 222nm ceiling mounted disinfection lighting. Great for  public transportation, home, office, or building for long-term solutions. Our Far-UVC products are fully autonomous and safe, while providing continuous disinfection. Unlike the 254nm UVC, the Far UVC's wavelength is safe for human exposure.  

What the Experts Are Saying...

Our Mobile Response Team was called to The Fat Pelican, located in Carolina Beach, NC. We fully saturated the bar with 254nm of UVC light as a precaution for the safety of some special guest who would soon be filming there! 
See the finished product below: 
Kygo, Donna Summers - Hot Stuff Music Video 
featuring Madeline Cline and Chase Stokes
from the locally filmed series Outer Banks

bBelow is a gallery of images featuring both the UVC 254nm and Installations of FAR-UVC 222nm.

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Far-UVC Krypton-11 Install
Krypton-11 installed in Public Transportation
Far-UVC Krypton-11 AFB Install
Krypton-11 Installed by Far-UV Technologies at the Little Rock Air Force Base
Fire Truck UVC 254nm
Turnout Gear
Weight Room
FD Dining Room
Fire Department Training Room
FD Living Room
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Raleigh Showroom
Raleigh Showroom
Raleigh Showroom
Raleigh Showroom Displays
Raleigh Showroom
Raleigh Showroom
Raleigh Showroom
Raleigh Kitchen Showroom
Large Business in Raleigh Showroom
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