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Have you had an employee, customer, guest, or member test positive for a virus, flu, or anything else that is contagious? Call us today to have your location treated with UVC and give your employees, customers, guest, and members peace of mind that it is safe to return to your location.


UVC has been studied extensively for the past 40 years on many hundreds of different pathogens, including other corona viruses and every single one of them has proven to respond when UVC is applied with the correct dosage and duration. Studies show a 99.99% Success Rate with UVC!


Unlike foggers and chemicals, UVC has no side effects. Pathogens quickly become immune to medications and chemicals. They build up a tolerance and what might have worked in the past won't work in the future. This is not true of UVC. Pathogens do not become immune to UVC! 

Our Mobile Response Team Will Quickly Treat Your Location And Get You Back to Business as Normal 

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