Our Mobile Response Team is Equipped With the 254nm UVC Lights. 

254nm UVC is extremely powerful and must be administered by professionals. 

If you've had an exposure to pathogens in your home or business we can quickly treat your location for reentry.

You will need to remove all people, pets, and plants prior to treatment. We use multiple specialized dosimeter

cards during every treatment to ensure that the UVC saturation level reaches 100mj/cm2. 

We place the dosimeter cards in various locations during the treatment. 

The dosimeter card will show us when we achieve 50mj/cm2 which is enough to kill MRSA if present, and 100mj/cm2 which is enough to kill C-Diff if present. Viruses such as the Covid-19, and all other previous strains of coronaviruses are much easier to inactivate and need approximately 40mj/cm2. 

We currently have enough 254nm units to simultaneously cover 20,000 square feet every 20 minutes.